Driveway cleaning in Buckley, Flintshire


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Office: 01244 548 152

Questions and Answers

Q: What does The Driveway Medic do?

A: We restore any type of driveway or patio back to its former glory, or better! We can apply a protective seal or offer a clean only service.

Q: What type of driveways and paving does The Driveway Medic restore?

A: Block Paving, Tarmac, Pattern Imprinted Concrete and Paving Slabs.

Q: How long will the drive stay looking new?

A: Before The Driveway Medic restored your paving it was categorised as very high maintenance, in particular, block paving because of the weeds, moss, algae and the sand washing away. Once restored it is categorised as low maintenance and by following our simple aftercare instructions will stay looking at its best all year round.

Q: Will my plants be safe during the restoration work?

A: Yes, they will, we take extra care with all the surrounding areas.

Q: I have weeds growing on my driveway, can you help?

A: No problem. When we clean the drive we get rid of weeds and moss and also apply a protective seal to stop them growing in the future.

Q: How long will it be before weeds start growing again?

A: Providing your drive or patio is in good condition, the protective seal will inhibit any further weed growth. All that we recommend to keep the area in pristine condition is to simply hose and sweep off with a broom.

Q: Will the resin sealers turn yellow or peel/flake in time?

A: No, our resin sealers are manufactured to the highest standards and as a result, will never turn yellow or peel/flake from sound surfaces.

Q: How much does the professional service cost?

A: To reach a figure we need to know the area of the driveway, type of surface etc. Please fill out the Book Us form or telephone us on 01244 548152 or 07565 628564 for a free no obligation quote.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: We accept all major credit and debit cards, as well as cheques and cash.

Q: Do you offer a guarantee?

A: Yes, we are pleased to offer a guarantee to all our customers. The protective coatings applied could last for many years. However, in line with the rest of the industry, we offer a 12 Month Guarantee against defective materials and workmanship.